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    HOL-MBL-1651 I can not connect from a Web browser to view Administrator

    Takashi1211 Lurker

      I for browsing the View Administrator, but were connected by a Web browser from Controlcenter, was unable to connect.



      Web browser error: This Webpage is not available

      View Administrator (URL): https: //hvcs-w8-01.corp.local/admin/#



      What I have to work is the following.

      0. to start the lab environment.

      1. Start Google Chrome from Controlcenter.

      2. Connect from Web browser to vSphere WebClient

      3. Start the virtual machine as "RDSH-12" and "Win7-MSW".

      4. access from Web browser to View Administrator.

      5. error has occurred in the Web browser. (This Webpage is not availabl)



      I would need to work to advance in the Connection Server?