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    Determining the right courses to complete from VMware's Live Courses

    jaelae Novice

      I have previously completed my ESXi 5.5 Install, Configure, Manage and passed my VCP550 last year. I've worked with VMware technologies in enterprise environments for over 5 years now with the most recent focus being exclusive to 5.5. My current goal at my job is to work on revamping our environment, upgrading to 6.0, configure everything with a scaling mentality and fully understand the pros and cons to what evertyhing in 6.0 has to offer.


      Because of this I was tasked with completing a vSphere course specific to 6.0 from the Live Instructor Led training. It almost seems to be a shame to take vSphere Install, Configure, Manage for 6.0 when I do not need that in order to pass my Delta exam. Although there might be some great material on it that would be worth learning so I am not opposed to going through the course. Looking at the course catalog though, I do see: VMware vSphere: Install, Configure and Manage plus Optimize and Scale Fast Track.This appears to combine that course along with the Optimize and Scale which really seems to be something I could benefit greatly from.


      Has anyone taken the optimize and scale and have any comments? I am looking at it purely as a way to take a week to learn more so I can make sure our environment improves.