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    GetProviderVdcByReference() method error

    jrwise Novice

      I am using the vCloud Director .NET API. I am using the latest version that was released back in September of last year. The client connection object version I am using is 9_0. The method that I am calling is:  ProviderVdc.GetProviderVdcByReference() The error that I am receiving back from the API is:


      Add Vdc

      Value cannot be null.

      Parameter name: key


      I have also tried using this method, with the same result:   ProviderVdc.GetProviderVdcById


      I also ran the sample VdcCRUD example from the API zip file with the same results. I am not getting errors through the vCloud UI or through the PowerCLI. Before upgrading to vCDSP version 8.0.1, I have never had this issue. I have also made no code changes to my application.


      I have been using this method call with no problems for three years. It seems like this is a bug to me. Perhaps the API DLLs may need to be updated?


      Anyone else having this issue?