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    vRealize Operations virtual machine HA alert.

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      Could use a little help with a vRealize Operations notification.  I have configured a 'Message Event Symptom Definition".  This is searching for a string in the events for 'restarted virtual machine'.  The goal here is to be notified when a virtual machine is reset because of an HA event.  The problem and my question is with the Alert Definition.  I can get it to work if I pick virtual machine as the base object and select my message event symptom definition.  The problem with this is that we get an email for every single virtual machine that fails over.  I have tried selecting host and cluster as the base object and then virtual machine as a decedent.  The hope here is that we'd get one email that lists all of the virtual machines impacted.  But once I selected the host or cluster as the base object I started getting alerts with the host name that contains a virtual machine that was impacted by HA.  It does NOT list the virtual machines impacted.  Any assistance truly appreciated!