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    Photon DHCP not working correctly on vSphere 6.0

    smpdave Novice

      When spinning up Photon OS (RC) in vSphere 6.0, DHCP servers appear to hand out the same IP address to each VM. It might be related to assigning the "Guest OS Version" to "Other 3.x Linux (64-bit)". I have verified that each VM is being assigned a unique MAC address. What appears to be happening, based on a WireShare capture, is that in Photon, when the DHCP client "DISCOVER" packet is broadcast, the Option 61:Identifier is always the same value, which seems to cause the DHCP server to think that it's the same client.


      However, in the latest version of VMWare Fusion 8.1.1, there is a Guest OS Version explicitly for Photon, and those VMs correctly supply different Identifier values, and subsequently receive differing IP addresses.


      If I'm way off base, or if anyone knows a workaround, I would greatly appreciate suggestions or feedback.