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    Token Expiration is in the past

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      So I'm trying to set up replication to a new DR site. We currently have our primary vSphere all setup and working just fine. We have an outgoing MSP that manages our replication to an external provider via a VPN dedicated link, using the VMWare Replication appliance, and it is still working fine without a hitch. This leads me to think that everything on our primary site is setup correctly.


      I've brought up a new vSphere site, completely not connected to the primary site, provided network connectivity and got it all setup. I've got 2 hosts, shared storage and all runs well. I've been able to use Veeam to replicate to this site without issue, so all works from that point of view.


      I've installed the VMWare Replication appliance on the DR Site as well, no dramas, it's online, integrated and looks fine.


      So now I go to the primary site, select a VM that is currently NOT being replicated,and chose Configure Replication...

      I choose to create a new Target Site, and enter the details for the PSC on the DR Site, and credentials. If I get the credentials wrong here, it tells me so. The first time it had me confirm the certificate thumbprint, so all looks good. Then, when I click 'Log In' with correct credentials, I get "Token expiration date: Frio 29 03:04:06 URC 2016 is in the past." and cannot proceed.


      I've had this for over a week now. I've checked:

      Host Date, time & Time Zone on both primary cluster and DR site hosts, as well as NTP source and confirmed NTP is working correctly

      Confirmed date/time on vSphere and PSC appliances, as well as timezones on both ends, NTP also configured, running and same time source

      Confirmed date/time and time zone on both replication appliances, and everything checks out.


      Everything I can see that has a clock on it, and a timezone on it, is all set correctly. The only thing I can find online remotely like this error suggests that splitting the DR site into a separate VSA/PSC rather than integrated will solve it. I did that, and no change.


      The date/time shown in the error is the current UTC time.


      What am I missing? What can I do to make these 2 sites talk properly?


      Adding details: Both sites are ESXi 6.0.0u2, and the replication appliance at both ends is 6.1 with latest patch installed.


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