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    End Point Operations - choosing a certificate thumbprint for the Linux Agent

    neil_murphy Enthusiast


      I've been experimenting with EPO in my home lab and came across something interesting. The documentation states that for a Windows system the thumbprint used should be the second one listed when looking in the vROPs administration interface:


      To view the certificate thumbprint value, log into the vRealize Operations Manager Administration interface at https://IP Address/admin and click the SSL Certificate icon located on the right of the menu bar. Unless you replaced the original certificate with a custom certificate, the second thumbprint in the list is the correct one. If you did upload a custom certificate, the first thumbprint in the list is the correct one.

      (vRealize Operations Manager 6.2 Documentation Center)


      This is the procedure I followed and it seems to work.


      I then installed the agent on a CentOS 6 system using an RPM installation file. This method seems to interrogate the vROPs appliance and pulls back a thumbprint to use. This defaults to the first thumbprint in the list. This also seems to work - but is it alright to leave it at the default?


      Any comments? I've attached some screenshots.