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    Horizon View Client - Retain Positions And Independent Multi-Display Windows

    YeskeJA Lurker

      I have experienced several annoyances with the VMware Horizon Client lately (always), and I wanted to make a couple of suggestions:


      1. Add a feature to allow the retention of the window positions for the 1) desktop pool listing window (after Connection/Security server connection), and 2) each disparate VDI desktop window.
        • Use Case: I currently have a 3 display, mixed resolution battlestation (see below) and every time the VMware Horizon Client is launched, it opens in a default size/position. On my 4k display, I have to resize it (after a reboot, etc) and drag it to the desire position on the screen. Additionally, the window size option jumps from 1600x1200 to 3840x2160 (with no option for 1920x1200).
      2. Furthermore, add a feature to allow definition/selection of multiple display windows or resolutions for each desktop pool.
        • Use Case: Given the same setup defined (above), the fullscreen option covers all three monitors; however, there are instances where I would want to have 2 independent display windows (potentially different resolutions), or fill one of my displays (fullscreen) and have the second display as an independent window on my 4k display. It would be interesting to put two 1600x1200 display windows side by side on the 4k display.


      • Environment:
        • Windows 7 [need to test on Windows 10 still]
        • VMware Horizon Client 4.x
        • Displays:
          1. 24" @ 1920x1200
          2. 32" @ 3840x2160
          3. 24" @ 1920x1200


      If any other members of the community are experiencing similar woes, or have more in-depth Use Cases, feel free to drop a comment.


      Edit: After suffering through this for months, the most annoying part is definitely moving the independent window to the correct place on my 4k display. Surely it's not a difficult undertaking? Remember last window position?


      Please don't hesitate in contacting me if it's something that VMware sees feasible, or if further explanation is required.


      The Inimitable