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    VMWare SRM with RecoverPoint EX to replicate two arrays to a single one

    dbis7575 Enthusiast

      We have two storage arrays on which we need to protect VMs each with its own RecoverPoint pair which replicate to a single Array in our recovery site.


      This environment was working correctly when we had a single array in each location, but after we added another array it is functional from a RecoverPoint perspective but see errors in VMWare SRM.


      All three array managers are in error state with the original Array manager throwing error "SRA command 'discoverDevices' didn't return a response the other two arrays have errors of "Cannot find matching consistency group at remote site for xxxxxx" which are the consistency groups from the original array.


      EMC states this is supported, but on a similar configuration on HDS this was not supported. Has anyone implemented this solution before and gotten it to work?



      Note that this environment is still running 5.1 for the next couple of weeks after which it will be upgraded to vCenter 5.5 and SRM 5.8




      Thank you