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    VDP disk expansion in VDP 6.1.2 failing.

    pakahaap Lurker



      We have VDP 6.1.2 with 4T capacity (6T net space). We tried to expand capacity from 4T -> 6T (6T ->9T).

      On the vdp-configure storage tab we choosed Expand Storage and got the following message:


      expand storage

      -vdp: There are incorrect number of disks associated with vdp appliance.


      We have two 4Tb storage luns assigned to VDP and one 4Tb lun is created for the expansion.

      Now it seems that we cannot expand disks couse we don't have enough space on existing luns.

      And becouse this error we can't assign the third lun to vdp to cover that required space.

      Is there a chicken egg proglem or am I missed something?


      How do we assign more disk space (lun) to VDP so we can do the disk expansion?


      Enviroment is ESXi 6 with latest updates