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    vR Ops Version Guest File System Stats not working

    apark Lurker

      HI all,


      My first post here and new to vR Ops.


      I am trying to set up a view where I can see all Linux VMs whose / partition is over 90% full (or even 10% full for that matter).  My problem is that while the view picks up some servers correctly, it does not have any idea about / partition usage for most Linux VMs.  The way I have set it up is

      • Start new view
      • Give it a name
      • Choose "List" in Presentation tab (only need two columns so deleted columns 3 and 4)
      • Choose "Virtual Machine" in Subjects
      • in Data, choose "Guest File System stats --> / --> Guest File System Usage (%).  This example is attached below


      • Then in the filter I filtered for Metrics; Guest Filesystem stats|Guest File Systme Usage (%); is greater than; 10%


      After this, I selected one of my ESXi servers as preview source but out of ~110 Linux servers, I only see 10 servers with / partition usage above 10% but I know for a fact that this is wrong.  All Linux servers in my environment, come out at around 14% upon provisioning.


      Am I doing something wrong?  Does vR Ops need some time to pickup the changes from the VMs?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.