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    E1000 vNIC and 10GBe pNIC

    Almero Enthusiast

      Hi Communities , please help me understand .

      I have read many KBs but none address my question .


      If i have a ESXi host with Optimal/Full 10 GB physical back end , but my eg Windows 2008/12 VMs have e1000 , or e1000e virtual adapters , can my VMs only run at 1 GB , as i can see the nic speed is reported as 1 GB inside Windows ?


      I completely understand that E1000 /e family is based on 1 GB Intel actual nics, and VMXnet3 is a Vmware made one 10 GB , and based on what you use , the guest will report that speed , regardless of what is in physically installed in the ESXi host .


      But how does this effect actual Guest network throuhput ?


      So basically , do i need to exlusively use VMXnet3 to get my full 10GB speed, in and out , when using vpshere 5.5 and distrubuted switches ?


      Your inputs would be greatly appreciated .