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    The ram disk vsantraces is full

    Bhuvaneshjyothi Novice

      We found that Vsantraces logs are increasing day by day.Please see the below logs.We can see that these logs in all Esxi servers. Can anyone please help us to resolve the issue.

      Ramdisk                   Size           Used      Available      Use%      Mounted on

      root                            32M          264K       31M             0% --

      etc                             28M          320K       27M             1% --

      opt                             32M          16K       31M               0% --

      var                             48M          784K       47M             1% --

      tmp                            256M        5M      250M                2% --

      iofilters                       32M          0B       32M                 0% --

      epd                            50M          16K       49M                0% --

      vsantraces                 300M         295M        4M              98% --

      hostdstats                 1553M       18M     1534M              1% --



      Bhuvanesh Jyothi

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          CHogan Master
          VMware Employees

          This is a known issue - unfortunately vsantraces and performance stats are being overly aggressive in their use of their allocated locker space of 300MB. We are aware of it and there should be a fix in an upcoming patch.


          In the meantime, you can safely remove the older .gz file in /locker/vsantraces to free up space.

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            Bhuvaneshjyothi Novice

            Hi Chogan,

            Thanks for your prompt help and support.



            Bhuvanesh Jyothi

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              Bhuvaneshjyothi Novice

              Hi All,


              I followed below link to resolve my issue.

              VMware Knowledge Base


              By default, vSAN traces are saved to /var/log/vsantraces. Default maximum file size is 180MB with the rotation of 8 files.



              By default, vSAN urgent traces are redirected through the ESXi Syslog system. If an external Syslog server is defined, the urgent traces are forwarded to the external collector. For more information on examining the Syslog configuration or redirecting ESXi host logs to an external Syslog server, see Configuring Syslog on ESXi 5.x and 6.0 (2003322).



              Run this command to determine whether vSAN urgent traces are currently configured to redirect through Syslog and log rotation settings:

              # esxcli vsan trace get

              You see output similar to:



              VSAN Traces Directory: /vmfs/volumes/568ec568-06d68562-e655-001018ed2950/scratch/vsantraces

              Number Of Files To Rotate: 8

              Maximum Trace File Size: 180 MB

              Log Urgent Traces To Syslog: true



              Run this command to send urgent traces through Syslog



              # esxcli vsan trace set --logtosyslog true





              Related Information

              To change the default settings, run with the desired parameter:



              # esxcli vsan trace set



              -l|--logtosyslog Boolean value to enable or disable logging urgent traces to syslog.

              -f|--numfiles=<long> Log file rotation for vSAN trace files.

              -p|--path=<str> Path to store vSAN trace files.

              -r|--reset When set to true, reset defaults for vSAN trace files.

              -s|--size=<long> Maximum size of vSAN trace files in MB.



              For example, to reduce the number of files to rotate to 4 and maximum size to which these files can grow 200MB, run this command:



              # esxcli vsan trace set -f 4 -s 200



              Note: If you reduce the number of files, the older files that are not compliant are removed immediately.