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    Unable to take quiesced snapshot

    Shoomy Lurker

      After a reboot of a server, it can happen that it is not possible to take a quiesced snapshot.It happened after an update to 6U1 from 6.0. Before the update there were no problems.


      We did the following to troubleshoot the problem.

      * Reinstall VMWare Tools

      * Check VSS Providers for errors (no errors)


      What we found out was that it can happen after a reboot of the server and only if the service "VMware Snapshot Provider" is running (service is set to manual). To correct it we need to stop "VMware Snapshot Provider" and "VMware Tools". If all is stable, ie no running services, which should not run, like "Volume Shadow Copy" we start the service "VMware Tools". After this we can take a quiesced snapshot again.


      While this ain't a huge problem, it is annoying at best. Any one have a solution or have the same problem.

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          DavoudTeimouri Master


          IF your VM's OS is Windows 2008 R2, please read the below KB and do the mentioned instruction:


          VMware KB: Cannot take a quiesced snapshot of Windows 2008 R2 virtual machine

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            Shoomy Lurker

            Thanks for your reply and I have read this article several times when in search for a solution.


            Unfortunately this is not the solution as our backup relies on application awareness (SQL, Exchange etc.). Disabling this feature will have impact on our backup process.


            All our servers (w2k8 and w2k12) have the same problem. After a reboot, the service "vmware service provider" keeps running and wont stop (not always but it can happen), which blocks quiesced snapshot.

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              Odin_13 Lurker

              Hi Shoomy,


              I can confirm your observations.

              We also experience the issue with some of our Windows 2012 servers and stopping the 'VMware Snapshot Provider' service resolves the issue.

              After stopping the service it is possible again to create a quiesced snapshot of the server.



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                hussainbte Expert

                what is the startup type for the service ? Manual or Automatic?

                I believe it should be manual.

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                  Odin_13 Lurker

                  Startup for the 'VMware Snapshot Provider' service is indeed set to manual.

                  Strange thing is that the issue is completely random and so far only a couple of servers (all Win2K12) are affected.

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                    Shoomy Lurker

                    What happens is that after a reboot VMware tools service starts and triggers "VMware Snapshot Provider" and "Volume Shadow Copy" after a while, few minutes at the most, both services should stop running. Both service are on manual as VMware best practice. Exactly the same behaviour as when taking an quiesced snapshot.


                    In some cases "VMware snapshot provider" just does not stop and this only happens after a reboot.


                    Thanks Odin for confirming. May I ask you which version of VMware you are running. We are on 6.0U1 (10240) and yes it is completely random. I have it on w2k8 and w2k12, not only on w2k12.

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                      Odin_13 Lurker

                      Hi Shoomy,


                      So far i have only encountered the issue with a couple of Win2K12 servers.

                      Still trying to figure out why this occurs...


                      Reinstall of the VMware Tools does not solve the issue as you already stated in an earlier post.


                      Build  : Releasebuild-3380124

                      Patch  : 26

                      Update  : 1

                      Version : 6.0.0

                      VMware Tools: 10240

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                        a11112f Lurker

                        Hey i'm having the same problem with Server 2012 R2 backups (Veeam 9 Update 1, using VeeamZIP full method). I think the problem started around ESXi 6 Update 1 or Update 1b, I'm running ESXi 6 Update 2 now.

                        I have reinstalled VMWare tools (with setup /C), and upgraded to ESXI 6u2 but it didn't help.


                        I get this in the vSphere client:

                        An error occurred while taking a snapshot: msg.snapshot.error-QUIESCINGERROR.

                        An error occurred while saving the snapshot: msg.snapshot.error-QUIESCINGERROR.


                        A timeout occurred while communicating with VMware Tools in the virtual machine.


                        The only error I get on the Windows guest is:

                        Event ID 7011 Service control manager

                        A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the VMTools service.

                        No VSS or any other errors.


                        As of now the only fix I have is to stop the VMWare Snapshot Provider service before I run a backup.  This seems to work 100% for me.

                        The VMWare Snapshot Provider seems to starts and stops with the VMware tools service, it is set to manual (default setting) start but never seems to stop on it's own.

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                          bwernli Lurker



                          Same Problem here with ESXi 5.5 U3b!! We have >1000 VM's and a day certainly 2-3 VM's with this problem



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                            a11112f Lurker

                            I run a Task Scheduled Powershell script targeted at Veeam for my backups so I was able to add some lines to stop the VMware Snapshot Provider service when the backup starts.  For the first time my backups all completed.


                            $ServiceStat = Get-Service -Name vmvss -ComputerName $VMName

                            if ($ServiceStat.Status -eq "Running"){

                            stop-service -inputobject $(get-service -ComputerName $VMName -Name vmvss)



                            I was also thinking of using Group Policy with a WMI filter targeted at Server 2012 R2 installs to stop the services, but I have the feeling that having the service stop during a backup would be...bad.  Once that service is stopped though, quiesced snapshots work.


                            I attached the full Veeam script if anyone wants it, I didn't write the original but I have made a few of my own changes.  There is more info in the script comments as to the author.

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                              HendersonD Hot Shot

                              I am seeing the exact same thing under Win 2008 R2 and Win 2012 R2. We are running ESXi 6.0 U2. The VMWare Snapshot provider service is set to manual but upon reboot of the VM the service starts and does not stop. At backup time a quiesced snapshot cannot be taken. If I go in and stop this service, then a snapshot can be taken. We are using Commvault for backup but will be jumping to Veeam in the near future so I will test the script

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                                tadsmith Novice

                                We are seeing the same thing on all version of the 10.x tools, even the 10.0.8 version. They say this will be resolved in 10.0.9 released in June, but I am pushing for a faster resolution. I'm also trying to get them to give me some details on what exact tools / OS versions are affected and what is causing the issue.

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                                  HendersonD Hot Shot

                                  I have 41 Windows VMs running under ESXI 6 Update 2

                                  Yesterday I applied 2 Windows updates to all of them, they all had to restart

                                  Last night my backup ran and it shows this morning that for 13 of the VMs a quiesced snapshot could not be taken

                                  I restarted all 13 VMs this morning

                                  I logged into each one and found the VMware Snapshot Provider service still running on 6 of them even though it is set for manual. I stopped this service on all 6

                                  My backup should run fine tonight


                                  The big fix for this cannot come soon enough

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                                    Vitaly91 Hot Shot
                                    VMware Employees

                                    Do you by chance run VMTurbo?

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