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    HP Oneview pack management in vRops

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      Hello everyone,


      I have questions in vRops: I have the pack management HP Oneview, but it doesn't come with enough metrics. So is there any way to add them? For example I want to know the version of the enclosures and racks, but I don't have any metric for that.


      Is it possible also to link the vCenter adapter with the HP oneview Adapter and display in a dashboard which cluster is in which encloser (meaning the physical location in the enclosure) ?


      I really need to solve these issues so please if you have any idea let me know. Thank you.

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          newspire Lurker


          The HPE Enclosure object has a property named "Model" which will tell you if it is a C7000 or Synergy Frame. We do not collect the version at this time. Both OneView and vROPS have REST APIs so it would be possible to add a metric. I realize that is not an easy solution. What is your use case for needing the Enclosure Version?


          Enclosures are parents of HPE Server Hardware objects and Hosts. The HPE OneView Infrastructure dashboard shows this relationship. If you click on a Host or Server Hardware in the Environment Overview the Cluster and the Enclosure will be highlighted. There is not a direct relationship between Enclosures and Clusters as a Cluster can span Enclosures.



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            abugeja Enthusiast

            Is the oneview pack for vrops worthwhile. Its on my to do list to look out but looking for feedback on others that have configured it. What benefits does it give you?