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    Help with VM migration

    Maurizioplus Lurker

      Hello everyone

      I have this problem... We're changing the server infrastructure. In the current configuration we've two ESX and 5 virtual machines. Many of these will be replaced by new incoming server, while we've 2 that we can not easily replace, but we should try to recover/re-use them to run on another hardware. We're changing everything even to optimize energy consumption and this is why we would like to avoid holding an ESX just to run these two virtual machines. Our VMWare software are VERY old: VMWare 2.5, and ESX Server 3. My (our) intention would be to pick up / copy / move these two virtual machines to run them with VMware Fusion on a Mac Pro. One of these machines have a very large db (300 Gb) but both would be used only sporadically to consult these databases.

      That said ... how can I do? I can't export the virtual machines (gives me an error "Unable to connect to Converter Enterprise Server") even following this article VMware KB: Connection to Converter Enterprise server fails when service account restricted. Also I can't remotely access the drive that holds the vmdk files for download it and copy on your Mac with VMWare Fusion Pro installed (for now I installed the demo, to see if I can do this).

      I tried to connect to the ESX Server using VMWare Fusion but after the username and password prompt it tells me "VMware Fusion can't identify the type of server ...".

      Please help!!!