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    Vcenter Server 6 update using a specified repository

    Kevin_Gerits Lurker

      Hello Community.


      I am facing the following problem and am unable to find a solution for it so i'm turning to you guys.


      We were trying to update our vCenter 6 appliance from build 3343022 to build 3634791 to address some issues we are having. Our vCenter server is not able to connect to the internet to automatically retrieve its updates. so we have to resort to the offline update bundles. So here is what i have done.

      step 1: configured IIS as a update repository

      step 2: configured the Vcenter appliance to use a specified update repository

      So far so good. The configured web server can be browsed and i see the manifest and package-pool folders. The vCenter also accepts the URL as an valid one.

      Now when i try to search it for updates i keep getting the following message in my appliance and it doesn't find any updates.


      Update status



      I thought vCenter would accept custom repositorie URL's. The offline update bundle is downloaded directly from the Vmware download pages. We can download an ISO and mount it directly to the appliance but this way is easier imo and i'm curious to why it isn't working this way .


      Thank you for your time.

      Kind regards