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    Add new vm with 1CPU, 2 sockets (or more) not working

    sdxsdx Lurker

      When I attempt to create a new VM and get to the virtual hardware configuration part, I expand the CPU options.. There, I should be able to select the number of CPU sockets, and the number of cores per socket. If I only configure 1 socket, I can't choose more than one core per socket! However, if I choose 2 or more sockets, I can choose between 1-4 cores per socket. If I create the VM with only 1 socket and 1 core, I can then edit the VM to have two cores per socket by using the traditional fat client (vSphere client). To me, this sounds like a bug. Can anyone else reproduce this? Is this a known issue?


      Some info about my config:


      ESXi 6.0 U2 - official UI client used

      1 CPU with 4 sockets (no HT)

      ESXi free license

      No vCenter - UI is installed directly on the vmware host

      Guest OS is configured as Debian 8 64-bit