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    AutoDeploy issue with new-deployrule

    JimKnopf99 Master



      i wan´t to create a new autodeploy setup in my test environment. For that, i am using the latest vsphere 6 version and the latest power cli version 6.3 release1.


      Following commands where using to create a deploy rule that automatic add a host to the cluster named "cluster"


      First, add the software depot

      add-esxsoftwaredepot "path to zip file"


      new-esximageprofile -cloneprofile ESXi-6.0.0-20160302001 -standard -name Nested


      Here is where the issue pop up.

      New-deployrule -name "test" -item "Nested",cluster -pattern "ipv4="


      I get the following error message




      If i done the same with powercli version 6.0 Release 3, the issue not occur. There is an issue with the "cluster" point in the command.


      Could anybody confirm that?



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