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    APPDATA and infinite applications

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      I work for a University that has roaming profiles; we have 250+ applications that students might use. Most of these applications store information in the APPDATA area, as well as registry.

      Students/Staff also install their own applications from time to time, or run an EXE directly which populates the APPDATA area. We have no particular interest in prepopulating settings (such as window size, application settings, or mapped drives for particular apps). We simply want the application data to roam for the user.



      1) Do I need to capture settings for all of these 250+ applications if I want settings within the APPDATA/registry area to "roam"?


      2) Does this mean that if a user runs an application I have no idea about (and therefore don't "capture"), that they will never be able to get those settings to roam?




      Since we cannot capture every application, but we still want users to retain their settings of applications we don't know about (which works fine with roaming profiles), how do we do this with UEM?



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          I think I've found an answer to my question, unless anyone wants to correct me here:

          1. Create New Config File called "Roam".
          2. In Import/Export area, add "[Include Folder Trees] <UserProfile>" and "[Include Registry Trees] <HKCU\>"

          This simply captures everything.


          Yes, I know, that's not what I want to do (localdata, et al, is captured), but it gives me a base understanding of how to move roaming profiles to UEM. I can now exclude/include as appropriate from here.