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    Clone VM configuration

    satish_halemani Novice



      I have a requirement to clone a same copy of the VM configuration from one datacenter to another datacenter.


      We are basically using HUR to do a storage replication from one DC to another. Once replication completes and has been split, we mount the destination LUN as datastores with 'Re-Signature' option and same datastore name. With this, most of disk mappings are lost especially on VMs with large no of disks and we end up removing those disks and do a manual mapping with the same SCSI controller as that of source VM.


      My requirement is i want to automate this and for which i need to capture the below details first from source and then replicate the same to destination VM.


      Source VM

      VMDK path along with datastore name

      VMDK mapping to each scsi controller.

      VMDK Disk size

      RDM mappings

      SCSI controller sharing (if any)


      With the above info, i am looking for script to map the VMDK disks with same datastore name and same SCSI controller number at the destination.


      If anyone could help me, that would be terrific and will save me a lot of time spent on manual mapping.


      Thanks in advance.