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    Problem with Authorization Service after reinstall.

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      I am running (or have been running) VMware Player 7.1.0 on Windows 7. Due to a disk crash I had to reinstall the application.  Everything seemed fine until I selected my VM to run it. Then I get an error that starts with "Error while powering on: VMware Player cannot connect to the virtual machine" and ends with "VMware Authorization Service is not running". I have ensured that all relevant folders and files have proper permissions.  I found a Knowledge Base article on the final error, which says to use the Windows services app to start/restart the Authorization Service with the correct permissions. However, no such service is in the list of installed services, and the three VMware services that are listed are all running, apparently with correct permissions. The VMware services I can find are DHCP Service, NAT Service, and USB Arbitration Service. I cannot figure out what is preventing use of my virtual machine or how to fix it.


      Somebody please help me get this back working.




      Crazy.  I decided to try and create a new virtual machine, and when I started VMware Player I got a notice that there was an upgrade available.  After I installed the upgrade, I decided to try one more time to open my old virtual machine, and it worked!!!  Was it a bug fix or did the upgrade somehow unsnarl a corrupted installation? I have no idea.


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