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    Windows 10 slow login

    HendersonD Hot Shot

      We have been running Window 7 using View for several years. It takes about 35 seconds to login to a Win7 desktop

      I am working on building a master image for Window 10 but found logins to be very slow. We are running View 6.2.1 under ESXi 5.5 Update 2.


      Here is what I have done

      1. Installed Windows 10, 32 bit, build 1511 which is the latest available for download
      2. Ran Windows updates and installed all available
      3. 1 vCPU and 2GB of RAM. This is the same resources that we use under Win7
      4. Ran the optimization tool found here taking all the defaults
        VMware OS Optimization Tool – VMware Labs
      5. Took a snapshot, made a new pool with just 2 desktops
      6. Login times are 1:50, more than a minute longer than Win7. When someone logs in it says "Preparing Windows" then you get the "We're Happy You're Here" followed by a few more messages and finally the desktop appears


      I then just went to the vSphere client, got a console session to one of the desktops, logged in (which took 1:50), logged off, and logged back in again, it took about 35 seconds. In other words, logging in the second time cuts login time significantly. Of course a desktop will only realize you have logged in before if it is a persistent desktop. Using a console session in the client to login twice does not refresh the desktop. We use non-persistent desktops so they are refreshed after each log off.


      Any ideas how to speed up logins?

      Is Windows 10 under View just not a good choice?

      Would things improve under ESXi 6.0 Update 2? We are upgrading to the newest version of vSphere in about 2 weeks

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