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    All VMs Provision size equal 0 in a datastore

    kopper27 Expert

      hi guys

      I would like to know if someone has seen this before and any idea how to fix it

      I see all Vms stored in a specific Datastore whose VMDKs show disk a size 0 MB if a VM has a disk in another datastore the VMDK says the correct size in this specific datastore all VMs are like that

      these are 2 different Storage

      1. Storage DS3500. Providing 4 Datasrores. OK

      2. V3700.Providing only one datasore. Not OK


      All VMs are working fine but I am not really happy about this behavior


      I am adding two screens, also disks are marked as Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed when I know all are in thin







      thanks a lot