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    WARNING: A physical RDM

    mattx27 Novice

      I use Ghetto VBC to backup some VMs on a HOST and it's been working fine for a long time. Due to space requirements I changed  a VM on this HOST ( and will do for other VMs ) the location of where any snap shots are held. I edited the devices VMX file adding the lines:


      workingDir = "new_path_location"

      snapshot.redoNotWithParent = "true"


      I re-registered the VM, powered it back on tested it and great, any new snap shots are then put in the new location I created for them on a different Data Store.

      Problem I have now is that when this device backs up using the Ghetto script I get this error for this device:


      2016-03-16 06:36:34 -- info: Initiate backup for helpdesk

      2016-03-16 06:36:34 -- info: Creating Snapshot "ghettoVCB-snapshot-2016-03-16" for helpdesk

      2016-03-16 06:36:37 -- info:  "/vmfs/volumes/Local HDs/2008 Stanard 32/2008 Stanard 32-000001.vmdk" was found for helpdesk, which will not be backed up

      2016-03-16 06:37:29 -- info: Removing snapshot from helpdesk ...

      2016-03-16 06:37:29 -- info: Backup Duration: 55 Seconds

      2016-03-16 06:37:29 -- info: ERROR: Unable to backup helpdesk due to error in VMDK backup!


      Can anyone point me in the correct direction to getting this resolved ?


      FYI - i can find no trace of the file 2008 Stanard 32-000001.vmdk it states in the location - only on the data store where the snapshots are ( this I have now removed ) - I did this by removing the test snaphot I took after I made the snapshot location change.