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    Disconnect from PCOIP desktop Zero Clients (teradici)

    kulraj Novice

      We have a network with about 25 PCOIP devices, these are a mix of Samsung NC240's and eVGA PD06.


      Randomly, about twice a week all logged in VM's disconnect without warning and won't reconnect for about 20 mins on the Teradici devices. BUT, the VM's are still live and in session if I use a Horizon View client from a windows desktop, I can connect to any of the dropped connections and the session is still in progress, ie. I pickup where the user was dropped.


      The View Administrator setting for Forcibly Disconnect is set to Never.


      I initially suspected bad network switches (since the sessions were live but the desktop hardware had disconnected) but I have eliminated that as a possibility since I can still ping printers but not any of the PCOIP desktops.


      Had anyone experienced anything similar? Or have any idea on trouble shooting and/or resolution would be appreciated.

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          eeg3 Master

          What's the status of the desktops in View Administrator when you're unable to connect (i.e. Available, Connected, etc)?


          How far do you get when it won't reconnect? Are you able to connect using a regular Windows View client during this 20 minute period?

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            jgotway Lurker

            I have witnessed this on switches that were set at 100 Mbps. While you are at it, I would also verify you have good networking end to end. 1Gbps switching and CAT5e or greater cabling to the PCoIP device. Also, verify no phones or switches at a desk that may be bottle necking to 100 Mbps.

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              kulraj Novice

              eeg3 & jgotway
              Apologies for the delay in responding. Answers to your questions below :


              - The status of desktops in View Administrator changes to disconnected after a few minutes
              - Yes, while the Teradici based clients can't connect, Windows View Client can connect and sessions are still in progress (all applications and files open as user had left them).
              - Both switches are 1Gbps, one is Cisco and the other Netgear. All cabling is CAT6.
              - There are Cisco SPA942 IP phone throughout the office (connected via a separate PoE Cisco switch to a Grandstream IP-PBX), and they continue to work


              IP-PBX is a recent purchase, but the issue has been ongoing for several months prior, so it doesn't seem to be the problem.

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                cH1LL1 Enthusiast

                Are you using Teradici Managmenent console - and if you are do you have persist autoconfig enabled ?


                This might help:



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                  kulraj Novice

                  Not using Teradici console, but will look into it. Didn't even know it existed.

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                    jgotway01 Novice

                    Couple more things regarding the PCoIP clients... How many monitors do the endpoints have? We noticed that if you have three monitors and rotate one of them to portrait while leaving the others at landscape, it will cause disconnections. On the default landscape setting, the zeros will operate normally with up to four monitors.


                    I also experienced disconnections issues on a particular version of firmware. Definitely use the management console mentioned in a previous post to get a look at the version in use.

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                      f1racr Novice

                      I have this exact same issue with a fleet of Samsung NC240's which are Teradici Tera1 clients.


                      I have done some tracking and found that lets say user #1 logs into Zero #1 and user #2 logs into Zero #2 all is well.   Then they get disconnected and when they try to reconnect they get an error saying they can't connect and to contact the administrator.


                      However I have proven that as others have stated, the view sessions are still running and you can log into those sessions with either another Zero client or a Windows or Mac PC. So there's no issues with the sessions as such.   But if user #1 then tries to log back into their session using Zero #1 it's no go for a period of time like 20-30 mins !!


                      What's odd is that if user#1 and user#2 swap Zero clients they can both login to their sessions just fine using any other device, other than the one they originally got disconnected on...……….. super weird...…...


                      Any ideas anyone ?