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    How to enable vprobes in Workstation 12.1.0 on Ubuntu 15.10 (64-Bit)?

    mazharnaqvi Lurker

      Hi everyone,


      I am using Ubuntu 15.10 (64-Bit) and have installed Vmware Workstation 12.1.0. I have also installed Ubuntu 15.04 (64-Bit) in a VM.


      I added the line: vprobe.allow = "TRUE" to the file /etc/vmware/config

      and the line: vprobe.enable = "TRUE" to the vmx file of the only VM I have installed.


      However, when I run the command: vmrun vprobeVersion <VM path>

      I get this error: Error: Unrecognized command: vprobeVersion


      No other vprobe command is executing. My vmrun version is 1.15.2 build-3272444 and I believe this version doesn't support vprobes. If so, how do I upgrade to the newer version which supports vprobes?