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    unable to power on x32 VM with FT enabled ~~ VMware Workstation

    lvaibhavt Hot Shot

      Hi All,


      I am running my lab in VMware Workstation 12. I have created an ESXi on which I have created a x32 VM running windows server 2003.


      I followed many articles and they all suggested to enabled below settings on the x32 VM

      replay.supported = "true"

      replay.allowFT = "true"

      replay.allowBTOnly = "true"



      I have enabled the settings. When the x32 VM is powered down I am able to enable FT. However I try to power on the x32 VM it returns an error Binary translation with Record/Replay is not supported for this guest


      I did google and everyone talks about the above three settings. Any help here please.