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    Issue with Docuware web client and desktop apps

    jeffrobinson85 Enthusiast

      I'm having an issue putting Docuware 6.7 Hotfix 44 in an app stack. The issue we are having is there is a web client and desktop apps. They use Certificates to allow the web client and desktop apps to communicate on Port 8090 for HTTP and port 8091 for HTTPS  using the local loopback address When trying to use HTTPS we get and error that the web page cannot be displayed If we put DocuWare in the image it works fine and it also works fine after its been installed in an app stack during capturing. Once the App Stack is attached it doesn’t work. Our internal support team for DocuWare thinks it could be an issue with the certs, but they are really not sure. We have verified the certs are installed in the app stack.


      Curious if anyone else has experience with DocuWare or putting certs in an app stack.






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          hschimpf Lurker

          Dear Jeff,


          this Topic has been dormant for so long but I hope that you might still read this. We are facing the same or similar issue. Did you ever find a way to handle this? It seems as though the certificates get created in the provisioning machine, but only the trusted root gets exported with the AppStack. A workaround so far was to install it into the GoldenMaster Image. We are currently building a new GM for Windows 10 1809 and are trying to thin out the installed programs in the GM so it would be greatly appreciated if you could update us on this. We've tried it with the support but the last answer was that they do not support AppStacks.


          Best Regards,