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    Microsoft Cluster over vMSC, RDM usage with 3PAR Peer Persistence

    MeSoso Lurker


      I'm testing next configuration :

      Microsoft SQL CAB Cluster with RDM in physical compatibility mode with 3PAR Peer Persistence and VMware Metro storage cluster. I know that it's not an easy set up, but I could't find any official document either VMware or HP stating that it is not supported setup.


      Problem is that RDM is seen with single path from windows guest OS and when you switch over remote copy group to DR storage, cluster disks are lost. I tweaked this registry setting Configuring Microsoft Multipath I/O (MPIO) Timers and after remote copy group swithover disk are remounted automatically but I was not able to achieve not to loose cluster disk.


      Is there a way to make this configuration to work ?