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    VSA, vmdk, and ZFS raidz performance

    Troy_Kocher Lurker

      We have installed a VSA 5.5 cluster, providing NFS datastores to our hosts.  We use a lot of Freebsd VMs with the root on zfs in our enterprise.  I have the occasion to build a new VM and thought it may be interesting to see the performance using  raidz under the zfs root, atop multiple vmdk files. So I when I build the VM I'm thinking I'd create 4ea 6GB vmdk disks.  Then in the OS I'd install with ZFS root and create a raidz pool for about ~16GB of storage from the 4ea 6GB vmdk files.  Typically we install zfs root onto one 16GB disk. 


      My initial thought is I really won't see any performance increase and the only benefit will be zpool's ability to cleanup better if it sees an issue. 


      I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have.