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    Update firewall rules via API

    Mardock Lurker

      I'm using the following version of vmware products :

      - vCloud Director
      - vCloudApi .NetSDK-5.5.0

      I try to update firewall rules via API.
      If I make a POST with too many rules (300 or more...) then the server response with the following message: "The provided XML has too many elements: The maximum is 4096.".

      I saw that the API have this request limit:
      1.    Requests cannot exceed 512 KB.
      2.    Requests cannot contain more than 4096 XML elements.
      3.    Requests cannot have a depth greater than 100.

      I run into #2 because each firewall rule require about 15 XML elements.
      I saw that the maximum number of rules for each edge gateway is 2000 so it's bit annoying to be limited in this way.

      Any ideas ?