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    Changing VLAN for either a dvswitch or a standard vSwitch

    JoJoGabor Expert

      When creating a VM through vRA I have a need to move the VM to a build VLAN for PXE booting to build the VM then move it back to the network as defined by vRA. I have this workflow working when using standard switches by using the machineProvisioned Workflow stub, starting the machine then moving back to the network as defined by VirtualMachine.Network0.Name, but our environment is a mixture of dvSwitches and vSwitches so I cant figure out how to build a single workflow to cater for either of these possibilities.


      I have created a sub-workflow from the Orchestraot cookbook which allows me to select a VM and a VC:Network object but as this will run over 4 vCenters, the VC:Network object would be different in each case. In each Vcenter the build network label is the same so would like to store this as a Configuration Element as a string, and then the workflow would get the VC:Network object based on this name. Is that possible?