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    View LinkedClone Desktops esxi 5.5.0 3568722 View 6.21 Become Locked and Stuck in "Reset Virtual Machine"

    resurgens Novice

      We have recently upgrade to view 6.21 and recomposed at the same time. Since then we have been having an average of 5-10 machines a day lock up and become stuck with "Reset Task" on the host esxi machine. There is nothing that can be done with that machine short of rebooting the host. We have been running VDI for 4 years and have not had the problem till we upgraded. We currently have 400 machines and this is a huge impact. We tried opened up a ticket #16902809002, but the tech basically was useless and said he needed logs to review and would get back to us but never did. This is really impacting our environment. We have found a number of articles that sound exactly like our issue (kb2073390) describes it perfectly, but we are several version past when this should have been resolved. I also have not been able to link the lock-up to a change in state (ie v-motion or reboot), but I am tempted to turn off HA and see if that could be leading to the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated and let me know if there is anything else that I can provide..