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    Log Insight (v3.0.1) Linux Agent install on VCSA v6??

    touimet Enthusiast

      Documentation has conflicting information as to whether or not to install the Log Insight Linux Agent on a version 6U1 vCenter Appliance.


      Within Log Insight v3.0.1 the following statement indicates the Log Insight Agent should be installed:


      Within the Log Insight 3.0 documentation the following indicates to just setup the syslog server within vCenter to forward to Log Insight server.  No mention of vCenter version and no mention of installing the Log Insight Linux Agent on the vCSA.




      So I turn to google which just adds to the confusion...


      William Lam's blog "A preview of native syslog support in VCSA 6.0" previews the setup of vCSA version 6 syslog forwarding logs to Log Insight.

      However Steve Flanders blog "Log Insight Agent: Linux Configurations for Common Applications"  alludes to the installation of the Log Insight Linux Agent. 


      Could anyone provide some clarity???  Is there a best practice method?  If installing the Agent is the best practice what does the agent provide over the native syslog in vCSA v6U1?


      Thanks in advance!