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    HOW TO: VC2 using remote SQL2005

    JoSin Novice

      I see from the forums and my own experience that getting VC2 working w/ a remote SQL2005 instance is annoying.


      Here's what i did.


      In SQL2005 when creating the db for VC choose "SQL2000(80)" compatibility mode. I also used SQL auth (not domain).  On the VC server make sure you create your ODBC connection per the instructions on the install pdf and test it to confirm connectivity.  Then during the setup VC will create the proper tables, etc (check the SQL server to be sure) and then you should be good to go. 


      One thing to consider is that VMware does not offcially support this setup but, to me, i don't support their stance seeing that VC2 was released mid-2006 and sql2005 has been around for at least 1.5 years previous.  and seeing that i am paying them for the software i should be telling then what is supported not vice-versa, IMO.  (i'm bitter).


      Have fun!