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    Not enough space to power on all VM's on ESXi 4.1?

    cmiebach Lurker

      We have one ESXi 4.1 host server with all guest servers configured as thick provisioned (upgrading to 6.x later this year).  Datastore1 is showing 60GB of free space and Datastore2 is showing 24GB of free space.  However, I cannot power on (sometimes it works) all the servers without getting a message that there is not enough free space.  Before this happened we had Veeam backups failing sporadically, which I'm exploring possibilities of this being an issue with Veeam support.  But the real problem started when Datastore1 had 80GB of free space and we created a new 50GB partition for one of the servers.  We started getting messages that there was not enough free space and so we deleted the new partition.  Now as I mentioned Datastore1 is showing only 60GB of free space and we cannot at times start all the servers.


      What can I do to get ESXi stable again?