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    DRS monitoring automation level.

    GildasDeclercq Novice

      Hi all,


      It happens that for some maintenance reason we, the vmware admin team, set the DRS automation to "manual".

      As we are humain, we may forget to set it back to "fully automated".


      I know how to check the DRS level using powercli, but I would like to have an alarm on the vcenter so this DRS status is monitored in compliance with our standards.


      I had a look around in documentation, and forums. I can't find anything.

      Am I missing something ? Maybe I should think of another way to satisfy my need ? (which is : "be informed in vcenter interface that DRS is not on fully auto")


      thanks for your replies / hints.




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          Nick_Andreev Expert

          Create a custom alarm. Choose "Cluster" in Alarm Type and try "DRS disabled" and "DRS enabled" triggers.

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            vijayrana968 Master

            No Specific alarms are defined by default for this in vSphere. However you can create some custom alarms for this.


            - Set Alarm type to Monitor 'Clusters'

            - Create alarm for 'DRS Enabled'

            - Create alarm for 'DRS Disabled'



            You might also want to monitor cluster status, 'Cluster Status Changed' and 'Cluster Overcommited' event can be used for that.


            Automation level can be set through powercli :


            Set-Cluster Cluster -DRSEnabled $True -DRSAutomationLevel - FullyAutomated


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