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    Move between storage

    markpiontek Novice

      I have been using ghettoVCB for 5+ years now to backup to a nfs datastore and it has worked out quite well for us.


      What I would like to do now is backup to a SAN since it is faster transfer rate, and then move those backups to the nfs datastore once all the backups are complete (slower transfer rate).  This would make my scheduling much easier.


      Since these are both vmfs volumes, I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish this - moving backup copies between two vmfs volumes and rotating in the same manner as ghettoVCB.


      I'm not sure if I am looking at a script using mv like: mv /vmfs/volumes/SANvcb/vm1 /vmfs/volumes/NFSvcb/ and then adding some rotation options in there, or if there would be a better method.


      Is anyone doing something similar?