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    ESXi hosts and vDS

    paul2ouy Novice



      Any help appreciated.


      Running 6 hosts in a VMware cluster all running standard switches, proceeded to migrate the standard switch to vDS seems to have gone wrong now unable to connect to vcenter server and or any of the ESXi hosts.


      Have tested the following

      Lockdown mode is not enabled

      have used the network Restore - Restore network setting

      using the DCUi ESXi hosts can ping the gateway and other host in the cluster 

      unable to log onto the host with the vi client, have set ip vlan and all relevant information back in as normal.


      I only have a couple of VM's running on the system I can find this all out with the vim-cmd command so this is not an issue, vcenter is up and running i not able to access this either


      Any ideas before i have to do the nuclear option and start again, reset system Config, a lot of hassle if i have to do this but at the moment i see no way through.