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    Making Long Scripts less "noisy "

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      Hi Team , any idea on how I can stop and lengthy script from showing all the stuff I set while running . I makes it look very messy . I tried >>Null and [void] methods but those actually stops my commands from creating data . I also picked up that when you create variables , nothing is passed to runtime screens . EG $VMsTOworkWith = Get-VM . But this method is not feasible in this Host build script .



      Example of some that will return stuff I don't want users to see , I only want Write Host stuff to show .

      Consider I do DNS , NTPTIME , Syslog , Scratch , Networking , you can see how "noisy" this will become .


         Get-VMHost | Get-VMHostFirewallException | where {$_.Name.StartsWith('syslog')} | Set-VMHostFirewallException -Enabled $true 


         Write-Host "SYSLOG > OPEN FIREWALL ON $ESXi" -ForegroundColor "Yellow" 



      This shows this on runtime screen ( Windows Poershell ISE )


      VMHostId : HostSystem-ha-host


      VMHost : TSDESX4


      Name : syslog


      Enabled : True


      IncomingPorts :


      OutgoingPorts : 514, 1514


      Protocols : UDP, TCP


      ServiceRunning :


      Uid : /VIServer=root@tsdesx4:443/VMHost=HostSystem-ha-host/VMHostFirewallException=syslog/


      ExtensionData : VMware.Vim.HostFirewallRuleset


      Client : VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Impl.V1.VimClient