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    Nested ESXi 6 under VMWare Workstation

    jwyrwinski Novice

      Hi Guys,


      I have several nested ESXi 6 hosts running under VMware Workstation 12. I have deployed NSX on top of it with several edges and logical switches. In fact, routing between logical switches fails. The reason, as I have checked, is that VXLAN does not work properly between ESXi hosts. It is because, each of my hosts has e1000 adapters assigned.


      When I change them to vmxnet3, VXLAN communication works well between hosts but.... this is something what VMware Worskation 12 does not tollerate. Nested ESXi 6 hosts with vmxnet3 nics fail randomly several minutes after boot.


      Also, vmxnet2 does not work as the VM (nested ESXi) don't ever start up.


      Did some of you meet similar issue and has got any clue how to solve it?