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    vR Ops 6.2a Update (Build 3528905)


      An update to the vROps 6.2 -  6.2.0a was released:



      See VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.2a Release Notes

      This 6.2a update (Build 3528905) is recommended also if you already upgraded to 6.2 (Build 3445569). The download files are replaced by the new build.

      This previous  build may have produced higher then expected values in some metrics.

      If you plan to run capacity planing reports in the next days, you may consider to reduce the time range to exclude the potentially impacted data collected by 6.2 release. The default time range is 30 days, so any reports later than 30 days after 6.2a upgrade should be correct again. The time range can be reduced to the minimum of 1 day.

      The process is described in VMware KB: Workaround for Higher than Expected Values for Capacity Metrics and Badge Scores in vRealize Operations M…