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    How many images do I receive with a Horizon Air account?  and how can I get more?

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      Each new Horizon Air tenant receives an allowance for 10 Advanced Desktop (60GB)  images in each datacenter location for that tenant.


      These images can be converted by request to images of different desktop models of different sizes:

      • 1 Advanced Desktop Image  can be converted to 2 Standard Desktop Images (30GB each)
      • 2 Advanced Desktop Images to 1 Enterprise Desktop Image (120GB each)
      • 2 Enterprise Desktop Images to 1 Enterprise Plus Desktop Image or Hosted Application Server Image (240GB each)


      Additional image allowances can be obtained by a request to convert desktop quota to image quota of the equivalent desktop type.  For instance, if you have purchased 50 Standard Desktops, and you need 2 additional standard desktop images, you can request to reduce your standard desktop quota to 48 and bump up your image quota by 2 standard desktop sized images.


      You can always purchase additional desktop and image capacity by purchasing add-on desktops or hosted application server and requesting that some or all of that capacity be used for images.


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