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    Unable to Disable vDC via PowerCLI

    iiToby Enthusiast

      Hi Guys,

      I am looking to create a series of commands I can eventually turn into a script for disabling vDCs and Organisations within vCloud Director.

      The issue I am running into is that disabling the vCD doesn’t work.


      Get-OrgVdc -Name <<VDCNAME>> | Set-OrgVdc -Enabled $false

      Get-Org -Name <<VDCNAME>> | Set-Org -Enabled:$false

      Also - “Get-OrgVdc -Name <<VDCNAME>> | Set-OrgVdc -Enabled:$false” - does not seem to work.


      Get-OrgVdc -name <<VDCNAME>> | Set-OrgVdc -Enabled:$false
      Set-OrgVdc : 2/5/2016 3:53:40 AM    Set-OrgVdc        The specified Href 'https://<<vCD-URL>>/api/Internal errror: ComposeOperationHref() : serviceUrl is not prefix of sourceHref' is not valid.

      Any ideas?

      Can anyone replicate this issue by disabling a OrgVDC via command line?

      Kind Regards