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    Powercli 6 script Migrate VM's to particular list of hosts  per Folder

    guptatarun1989 Novice

      Hi all,

      I am currently involved in a Production and need your help on urgent basis.


      I have 8 sites ,all of them 5-15 folder (each folder is a Vapp on Vcloud Director) . All site have 500+ vm's running across the clusters  . I am taking 1 site here as an example.


      I have 8 Folder in 1 site and the VM's are distributed across the hosts across the  clusters in each Folder.

      Now  what i want  " Each folder will use a particular list of host say 1-5 hosts for Folder 1 , 6-10 hosts for folder 2 , and so...on till the cluster host size which is 32 in vcenter 5.5 is reached  then move to other cluster for other folder.


      For example , I have 76 hosts in 3 clusters ( 32+32+12) . I want 1st-6th host in cluster 1 to serve folder1(vapp1 in vcd)..then 7th to 12th server folder2(vapp2) ..and so on..

      If the cluster size is reached which is 32 ..then move to other cluster and start the same with the folder remaining.


      Now i am able to figure out that there will be lot of Vmotion from here n there ..but i need to get this done.


      At the end ..what is want is particular list of host serving particular Folder(Vapp on VCloud Director)..

      In a site ..Again all the hosts have same configuration ..same shared storage..same networking...vmotion can be done across the cluster..

      But each site has different number of clusters ,hosts and folders.

      I have tried to explain in my best possible way ..but if any inputs needed Please let me know...

      Tarun Gupta