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    ovf upload progress restarting after 100 seconds

    sumitvc9 Lurker



      I am new to PowerCLI. I have written a small script to upload ovf from my desktop to vCloud.


      Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -Scope Session -WebOperationTimeoutSeconds -1 -DefaultVIServerMode Single -confirm:$false

      connect-CIServer -Server vCloud.com -User admin -Password XXXXX -Org myOrg

      $myCatalog = Get-Catalog -Name Temp

      $myOrgVdc = Get-OrgVdc -Name myVDC

      Import-CIVAppTemplate -SourcePath "F:\VM\test.ovf" -Name test -OrgVdc $myOrgVdc -Catalog $myCatalog

      Disconnect-CIServer * -Confirm:$false


      Upload process starts at 10% but after ~100 seconds, when the progress is ~15%, the progress counter resets to 10%.

      There is no end to this loop.


      Any reason why upload process is restarting after every 100 seconds?



      I left the script running. And checked again after couple of hours to see following error: Import-CIVAppTemplate : 2/2/2016 8:40:59 AM    Import-CIVAppTemplate        Timed out.