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    Error <Backup_Path> input file does not exists

    Power4lder Lurker

      Hi community,


      this is my first thread so please excuse me for beginners mistakes.


      I read through the ghettoVCB.sh guide regarding how to configure the .sh file to backup the running VMs,  then as according to the guide i set up the Vmbackup script and ran a test which was successful. A running VM was backed up and the .vmdk clone was placed in the NFS-share which was manually connected to the ESXI server. So now i face a problem with restoring the backed-up VM, when running the following command "./ghettoVCB-restore.sh -c /vmfs/volumes/BACKUP/test/test-2016-02-02_12-17-50" ; this results in the following two errors which i am not familiar with:


      ERROR: "/vmfs/volumes/BACKUP/test/test-2016-02-02_12-17-50/" input file does not exists



      ERROR: "/vmfs/volumes/BACKUP/test/test-2016-02-02_12-17-50/" input file does not exists


      I am a beginner Sys-admin (like a hatching) therefore i would appreciate if you would consider that when responding.