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    PowerCLI one liner > Check last time VM was powered On/Off/Restarted

    Scottie Novice

      Anyone know how to check when a VMs in a cluster were last powered on/off/restarted, via a one line PowerCLI script? Googled and found a few examples of functions, but was hoping for something far simpler.

      Something very vanilla, with output like > VM1 Last powered on 0129/2015 0450 HA restart


      Finding out why the VM was last powered on/off would be nice as well.



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          Zsoldier Expert

          Best way I can think of is searching for an event type of poweredon.  It is however, limited by how much data the vCenter actually retains.  So if vCenter prunes @ 180 days (typical), then if the VM were powered on 181 days ago, you'll have no events to know.

          I use my own custom module to get events (very much like LucD's)  zPowerCLI/Get-VIEventsFaster.ps1 at master · Zsoldier/zPowerCLI · GitHub


          For example:

          Import-Module Get-VIEventsFaster.ps1 #Assuming you downloaded and run it from the same directory.

          $VMinQuestion = Get-VM thisGuyRightHere

          $VMinQuestion | Get-VIEventsFaster -EventType @("VmPoweredOnEvent","DrsVmPoweredOnEvent")


          Event Types are case sensitive, so watch out for that.


          This'll return you all events associated w/ a powered on event and a powered on event handled by DRS.


          Other event types you probably want:






          You can find full list (related to VMs) here:

          VMware vSphere 5.1

          Other types, reference the "Extended by" Section:

          VMware vSphere 5.1

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            roconnor Enthusiast

            Sorry don't have a  one liner, I use this, give it a speed test - get-view is lighting fast - 500 vms in 5 seconds



            <pre># Script to extract the last boot time of vms


            # russ 11/08/2015

            # Credits http://vmware-scripts.blogspot.com.es/2012/08/script-to-get-uptime-of-each-vm-in.html


            # Create array to select the cluster


                # Getting Cluster info  

                $Cluster = Get-Cluster

                $countCL = 0 


                Write-Output " "

                Write-Output "Clusters: "

                Write-Output " "

                foreach($oC in $Cluster){ 


                    Write-Output "[$countCL] $oc"

                    $countCL = $countCL+1 


                $choice = Read-Host "On which cluster do you want to check the vm uptimes ?"

                $cluster = get-cluster $cluster[$choice]


                Write-Output "$cluster `n............................................................"



            # variable to associate date with boot time

            $LastBootProp = @{

              Name = 'LastBootTime'

                Expression = {

                 ( Get-Date )  - ( New-TimeSpan -Seconds $_.Summary.QuickStats.UptimeSeconds )




            # code; limits search for vms within cluster,

            # filters for powered on vms,  and sorts boot time in descending order

            Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine -SearchRoot (get-cluster -name "$cluster").id  `

            -Filter @{"runtime.PowerState"="poweredOn"} -Property Name, Summary.QuickStats.UptimeSeconds  `

            | Select Name, $LastBootProp | sort-object -Descending -Property LastBootTime