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    hostd not running - error 503 when connecting via vCenter or directly to hostserver

    weistedv Lurker

      Hello community,

      I work with VMWare esxi for 3 years now. Most of the time I had absolutely no problems with it.

      But since a few weeks I have a serious problem with a hostsever, that is running esxi 5.5 (of course running prodcutive virtual machines).


      When the server boots, everything is working fine. After a few weeks, the connection to vCenter server gets broken. I am also not able to connect directly to the host via vSphere Client. Error message is "503 Service Unavailable".

      I googled a lot and did find a lot of results, but unfortunately none of it helped me to solve this problem. Here is what I did:


      - login via SSH as root user

      - /etc/init.d/hostd start: message "Ramdisk 'hostd' with estimated size of 803MB already exists" was displayed, service hostd was started but after about 30 seconds hostd was not running anymore

      - restarted management services via console - did not solve the problem

      - tried several KB-articles: VMware KB: Service mgmt-vmware restart may not restart hostd in ESX/ESXi, VMware KB: Troubleshooting vmware-hostd service if it fails or stops responding on an ESX/ESXi host, hostd not running on startup / 503 Server Unavailable / 503 Service Unavailable


      In the past a reboot of the host server did solve the problem. But as mentioned, it comes up again in several days/weeks.

      I believe the there must be an permanent solution to this, that does not require an server reboot.


      Can you help me with this?


      Greetings, Philipp